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From Scheduler to Automation Fabric for the Enterprise:

Workload Automation Transformation in 2023

Ready to explore the intricate landscape of Workload Automation (WLA) in 2023 and its crucial role in enterprise digital transformation with our in-depth report? This new EMA report will help you understand the 2023 landscape so that you can better plan for the future.

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With a growing emphasis on digital transformation and the constant pressure to adapt to technological advancements, it's essential to understand the role of automation technologies such as Workload Automation (WLA). As an instrumental part of developing and operating digitally transformed processes in 2023, this report provides a detailed analysis of WLA's role in driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

Key Insights & Statistics


of enterprises are actively pursuing digital transformation


leverage WLA to support DevOps processes in their digital transformation journey



of businesses are in mature stages or looking towards next-gen digital transformation


agreed that their organization has too many scheduling and automation tools


agreed that their organization could be more efficient by consolidating scheduling and automation tools


use WLA to connect and orchestrate disparate digital transformation capabilities

The EMA conducted a comprehensive global online survey involving 406 IT and business executives, managers, and users in January 2023 to derive these insightful data points and analyses.

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